The incredible production of ‘War and Peace’ has had us all talking about the talented cast and the hair styling, which particular focuses on the early part of the 19th century Romanticism in its softness, natural curl and natural colour, which up to this point had been hidden under wigs and elaborate hair pieces.   

Essentially the styling is characterised by using a chignon to create structure at the back, but more importantly to expose the neck and décolletage and looser curls around the face, ears and a couple of loose whisps around the neck. Hairstyles were usually adorned with ribbons, head bands or jewelled head pieces.

To recreate the much admired looks, celebrity stylist Edward James gives us the six step guide.  Anna Pavlovna’s regal and polished style can be achieved in the first four steps and Natasha Rostova’s more loose and deconstructed styling using the final two steps. 


  1. On day old hair, split your hair into 2 sections at the front and back of your head; use a comb to section from the top of each ear and gently backcomb the roots of these two sections and use some firm hold hairspray on the roots only. 
  2. Use a conical want to create curls by taking sections of hair. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends, and make sure you create some soft curls around the nape of the neck and around the hairline at the front. Once the hair has cooled, gently brush the curls to create soft waves and apply some hair serum to add shine to the waves.
  3. With the back section of hair, create a low ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Loosely wind the ponytail around to create a low bun/chignon and secure with hair grips. 
  4. Take the top section of hair and bring it back off the face towards the chignon, and loosely wrap it around to conceal the ends of the hair.  Make sure not to pull the hair too tight; you want some volume at the front to create a little height at the front. 
  5. Pin your waves using small hairpins matching your hair colour and generously spray with hairspray to create Anna Pavlovna’s more regal look. 
  6. To create Natasha’s looser look, prior to applying hairspray, pull a couple of strands of hair out around the ears, neck and forehead and curl them with the curling wand.



Edward James’s career spans 18 years in the industry. Whilst working with Nicky Clarke as the General Manager, his raw talent was recognized early on he moved to Gina Conway as style director. In 2011, after working with the iconic Aveda brand for 8 years, Edward James went on to open his first Edward James Aveda Salon & Spa in South West London. The second Edward James Salon & Spa was launched in 2014.  Hair stylist du jour, Edward James is fast becoming the nation’s hairdresser sweetheart, with a cult celebrity following including the fashion icon Cara Delevingne, Sophie Dahl, Joanna Lumley to name but a few.  

Never standing still and always evolving Edward James went on to create the British Blow-dry™, a smoothing treatment designed for finer hair and far kinder to the hair than its Brazilian counterpart. This only highlights his passion for creating styles that not only look divine in the salon but are flexible and manageable at home.

With his creative team Edward James’s Salon & Spa has gone on to be recognized in related Awards, named as finalist in 9 categories and taking home 4 Winner titles.

“Our philosophy always remains the same, to create beautiful manageable bespoke hair for each of our clients." says Edward, "And or team is always striving to create new and innovating ways to enable our clients to be the best and most polished versions of themselves”

Website: www.edwardjameslondon.com

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