If you aspire for a perfectly proportioned and plump pout this Valentine’s Day, then purse your lips no further…

Clinicbe® is a Trout-Pout-Free Zone here you will find fuller lips in a natural and beautiful way, never over-pillowed and never over-plumped.  In fact, clinicbe founder Dr Kubicka, who has based her entire practice on a bespoke, holistic approach has become a leading expert for women who want a fuller, more beautiful lip without fear of looking overdone.

Indeed, at clinicbe in Belgravia, subtlety and refinement are top of the list; they recognise that sculpting lips is an art as well as a procedure.  Trusted lip expert Dr Kubicka is revolutionising the way that lips are treated; there is no standard formula here. She believes that a patient’s lips should be addressed entirely differently based on age and their own facial balance.

Dr Kubicka explains: "In your 20's lip augmentation is more forgiving and generally the filler is injected right into the lip itself, you can take a lot of volume at this stage in life and generally that’s what’s done.  However, as you age, and into your 30's you will need to lessen the amount of volume you are using if you want a look that is anywhere approaching natural.  Also the filler should be distributed in a slightly different way. This means less volume into the lips themselves and more around to enable compensation of initiated volume loss in the surrounding area, creating a frame for the lips.”

And ultimately for the over 40’s amongst us, Dr Kubicka adds, “Lip fillers become increasingly popular after 40 as lips naturally thin at this stage, but it's imperative that the filler is injected evenly into the lips but as well the lip border and areas around to treat as well lines around the mouth, which allows you to achieve a natural, beautiful look.  Another concern that can be addressed at any age is lip asymmetry or shape correction, but this needs to be discussed on an individual basis. It's possible to have beautiful lips at any age, you just need to find the right Dr who knows that each and every pair of lips deserves a bespoke approach.”

In addition to fullness, Dr Kubicka is expert at filling out the tiny smoker’s lines that frequently appear on the edges of lips. Indeed, she expertly ensures that each and every aspect is addressed with her patient before she begins.

A unique integrated skin and healthcare concept; offering a holistic approach to professional skin treatments.  clinicbe is designed to offer a peaceful, relaxing environment yet are equipped with the latest technology for a wide range of treatments and medical procedures.  The exclusive and beautifully appointed Knightsbridge Mews clinic offers a convenient location for patients living or working in Belgravia, Chelsea, and Mayfair.   However, patients do travel from further afield and treatment plans can even be arranged for overseas patients.

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Callum McLellan-Attfield


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About Dr Barbara Kubicka

Founder of Clinicbe, Dr Barbara Kubicka has practiced Aesthetic Medicine for a number of years, working with top companies including Harrods, Allergan, Remington and Restylane. She established “clinicbe”, her own revolutionary clinic in the heart of Knightsbridge which was conceived to offer patients and clients a broad range of health and lifestyle therapies in addition to cosmetic and medical skincare treatments.  Dr Kubicka personally offers cosmetic and medical skincare treatments and is renowned for beautiful results with a delicate touch.

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