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Passionate in protecting its island home, this year Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay will be supporting the Ibiza Preservation Foundation (IPF) by partnering with west London’s ethical men’s brand LOVE BRAND & Co in a bid to sustain the island’s endangered Posidonia seagrass.


Fronted by model and A-list trainer Toby Huntington-Whiteley, two new men’s designer swim shorts have been designed with proceeds going towards supporting IPF’s Posidonia Protection Project. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is thanks to the ancient Posidonia seagrass known as the ‘lungs of the sea’ that the waters beyond the shores of Ibiza are crystal clear.


Recognising the threat due to boat anchoring in the Balearics, approximately 34% of the delicate Balearic meadows have been destroyed. In recent years it has also been revealed that the Posidonia seagrass is thought to be over 100,000 years old, providing oxygen, preventing coastal erosion and purifying the water in the Mediterranean’s eco-system.


In a pledge to help protect the Posidonia and raise funds for the project, Ibiza Bay’s chic boutique, Almacen de Ibiza Bay will stock the exclusively designed LOVE BRAND & Co’s ‘Sea Weave’ swim shorts. Inspired by the rustic, woven interiors of the hotel and produced using recycled plastic bottles collected in Spain, the Sea Weave design will accompany the ‘Posidonia y el mar’ design available throughout the island and the LOVE BRAND & Co boutique.


Raul Paloma, new General Manager of Ibiza Bay outlines: “With our oceanfront setting, supporting the coastline that surrounds the island whilst engaging our guests on local ecology issues is very important to us. We are excited to be partnering up with Ibiza Preservation Foundation and LOVE BRAND & Co to help raise awareness of the Posidonia seagrass”.


Proceeds raised by the sales of the swim shorts will be supporting the development of an app to guide boat anchoring around Ibiza and Formentera. By mapping the Posidonia meadows around Ibiza and Formentera, those docking up to Ibiza Bay this summer will be guided in their boat anchoring to ensure they are having the least possible impact on the Posidonia.


Oliver Tomalin, founder and designer of LOVE BRAND & Co, says, ‘We have a shared responsibly to protect our marine life, not only in regard to the biodiversity and beauty of the Balearics, but also bearing in mind that more than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea.”


With a goal to inspire the next generation to preserve and protect the marine life of Ibiza and the world’s oceans, whilst backing the Posidonia Protection project, Ibiza Bay will be introducing an educational children’s programmes within the Kid’s Club. And bringing the island together to raise awareness in protecting Ibiza’s environmental wellbeing, Ibiza Bay’s sustainable initiatives include the hotel’s goal to eradicate single use plastics as well as hosting beach clean ups.



The new Sea Weave design in collaboration with Nobu Hotel Ibiza bay and Ibiza Preservation Foundation (IPF) start from £120 for men’s sizes and from £60 for boys.




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