From Reese Witherspoon’s bright blonde to Jennifer Lawrence’s new platinum or Gisele Bundcheon’s beachy highlights -we pretty much know what we want when we see it.  Top UK Celebrity Stylist Edward James understands this and has thus created his A-List Blonde Menu to help clients select the exact shade that they want. With a cult celebrity following including iconic blondes such as Cara Delevingne, Sophie Dahl, and Joanna Lumley, this is one hairstylist who knows what he’s talking about. 

The Reese Witherspoon or Gwyneth Paltrow – The Angel Effect

Creamy blonde tones – the most important is minimising brassy yellow tones and keeping colour bright around the perimeter of the face to create a beautiful soft halo of blonde.  

Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Giselle Bundcheon – The Break Up

Beach blondes – naturally more “broken up” blondes with emphasis on golden sandy blondes throughout the ends of the hair and around the face.  Beach blondes have more depth and warmth, with clever placement of more caramel tones through the hair.  

Rita Ora, Gwen Stefani and more recently Jennifer Lawrence - Go Big or Go Home 

Bright Bleach – This is a bold statement and these days works well with regrowth and roots for a more edgy look like Rita Ora or for a more block colour like Lady Gaga.  High maintenance and requires lots of TLC to maintain condition as well as the platinum tone, this blonde cannot be ignored and requires maintenance every 2-3 weeks including hair treatments.  The more current bleach blonde is not over-toned or flattened down with colour after the bleaching process like it was years ago, but condition is vital to make sure the blonde looks fab at all times.  

Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne – Too Cool for School 

Cool and soft blondes – the colour looks natural, not too overworked. Taylor Swift is a prime example.  The colour is worked through the hair so that it catches lights, with more emphasis on brightening the ends of the hair but avoiding golden tones.  Again condition is key and a strong cut is recommended with this colour so that it creates a groomed feel.  

Says James: “What is vital is that your colourist explains how you need to maintain this look.   Many of my clients work in media and film and having roots is a bit no-no, so having an understanding of how to reduce the appearance of regrowth in between salon visits is vital’ says Edward.  Also if you are big into exercise you will be washing your hair a lot more.  You have to think of your hair as cashmere – you wouldn’t put it into the washing machine – and your hair is no different.  If you skimp on maintenance products such as shampoos, or softer co-wash cleanser products and conditioners, you will see the effect in your colour over 4 weeks.  If the condition of the hair is not looking great, it will not show your colour to its best effect – light reflects differently on dry or frizzy hair so that the depth in the colour is lost, so it might be worth discussing treatments such as glossing treatments, the British Blow-dry or keratin blow-dry with your stylist.

Edward James’s career spans 18 years in the industry. Whilst working with Nicky Clarke as the General Manager, his raw talent was recognized early on he moved to Gina Conway as style director. In 2011, after working with the iconic Aveda brand for 8 years, Edward James went on to open his first Edward James Aveda Salon & Spa in South West London. The second Edward James Salon & Spa was launched in 2014.  With his creative team Edward James’s Salon & Spa has gone on to be recognized in related Awards, named as finalist in 9 categories and taking home 4 Winner titles.

“Our philosophy always remains the same, to create beautiful manageable bespoke hair for each of our clients." says Edward, "And or team is always striving to create new and innovating ways to enable our clients to be the best and most polished versions of themselves”.


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