Ancient Turkey: Off The Beaten Track with D-Resorts

With a 28% year on year increase, 2018 is expected to welcome over 40 million visitors to Turkey *


With the experience economy booming, it’s time to start meandering off the beaten Turkish track for experiences that give travellers a taste of ancient Turkey. 


A meeting point between Europe and Asia, Turkey has an incredible history. With waves of different cultures and empires leaving their mark across the coastline and mountains with more ancient ruins than most countries - many that remain near intact; it is a country with a heritage waiting to be explored.


Ideal for those seeking the perfect balance of local authenticity and pure luxury are D-Resorts that are located within some of the country’s most wonderous ancient points of interest:


Dubbed as “undiscovered Turkey”, Murat Reis Ayvalik is set in a sleepy seaside town that has been a long-time favourite for Istanbul residents and holidaymakers, but is only just being discovered by the outside world. Located nearby is one of Turkey’s most awe-inspiring ancient sites and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Pergamon. One of the country’s rare settlements that has survived several invasions and devastations over the ages and dates back to second millennia BC, the region also offers outstanding natural beauty with the opportunity to trek along pine forests covering the Kozak mountain range between Bergama and Ayvalık that is dotted with ruins and rural landscapes.


Set amongst the mountainous Aegean coastline within the popular resort town of Marmaris, D-Resort Grand Azur is unquestionably the finest hotel in Marmaris. Mirroring Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world are the Dalyan Ancient Tombs that can be found close by. Situated on the banks of the Dalyan River, the site hasn’t yet been widely discovered except those familiar with the region. And for those in search of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, just 18km north of Marmaris lies: Cleopatra Island with is golden sandy beach and ancient city of Cedrae.


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