2016 Fitness Trend: Brings Science into Fitness

With this year’s major trend of incorporating scientific advances into fitness, 38 Degrees North fitness retreat has taken the lead, with its combinational DNAFit retreat. The detailed analysis and health profiling of each guest enables Europe’s leading fitness retreat tp provide each guest with the utmost most tailor-made and personalised training programme in the world.

It starts with simply sending a cheek swab off to the lab three weeks prior to your visit which provides a full DNA profile analysis - 38 Degrees North uses this to tailor a work out, diet and health routine specifically designed for each individual. Focussing on the physical capabilities (are you better suited for strength or endurance training?) and limits (prone to injury?) and the Dietary/ Nutritional requirements (carb or dairy sensitive?) of each individual, guests receive a one-on-one bespoke programme with the expert coaches.

This service offers guests the opportunity to gain insight into their individual heath and genetic make-up as well as the affect their current lifestyle has on their health.  It offers insight into factors like salt & caffeine sensitivity and lactose & gluten intolerance, allowing guests to make alterations to their food intake at home, and discover that small changes can lead to substantial life improvements.

The DNA fitness boost offered by 38 Degrees North has been cleverly created to provide the longest lasting fitness improvements and delivering a springboard into a healthier lifestyle with a better knowledge of one’s strengths and capabilities.  It’s a diagnosis that leads on into a healthier understanding.

38 Degrees North, nestled in the coastal town of Santa Eulalia, overlooking the sea, beaches and stunning scenery, uses the beautiful outdoors to its best advantage, with carefully conceived exercises to strengthen, tone, burn fat, raise metabolic rates, improve flexibility, and for all round fitness and mental focus.  It is the perfect base for a detoxing, de-stressing, wellbeing fitness holiday surrounded by landscapes of imposing mountains and stunning beaches.  

The retreat’s team is made up of an exceptional group of mind and body experts: ranging from a former UK Kickboxing Champion, ex-Army PT, paddle boarding instructors, nutritionist, chiropractor, to a ‘transformational coach’ along with dancing, Yoga and Pilates teachers. The fitness programme mixes up yoga, circuits, running, boxing, cycling and aerobics with outdoor activities focused on getting guests out to see the hidden parts of this wonderful island: stand up paddle boarding across turquoise seas and mountain biking along pine scented trails.

DNAFit at 38 Degrees North in Ibiza includes 5* accommodation and activities (excludes flights) April - October 2016

Sunday 26th - Saturday 2nd July: From £2495

Sunday 10th - Saturday 16th July: From £2495

Sunday 2nd to Saturday 8th October: From £2295




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Notes to Eds: Please book by contacting us on +44 (0)20 36 9999 33 or emailing info@remove-this.thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com. Based in the north of Ibiza, 38 Degrees North offer fitness holidays on a residential and non-residential basis, partnering with some of the leading luxury hotels on the island, there is no room sharing or a crowded villa, just a perfect combination of fitness and holiday mixed together. 



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